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Important Wholesale Property Insurance  Announcement

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Domestic and International Coverage Available

Experienced Underwriters With Strong Customer Focus


Most Difficult Classes of PROPERTY INSURANCE:

I. Highly Rated Insurance Companies

2. Difficult to Place Risks

3. High Limits Available

4. Opening Doors For Brokers to

Increase Your: Customer Base + Premium Volume + Commission Income

Cover's Property Insurance CAPACITY can include the following coverages against various property perils (Subject to underwriter approval):

1. Property Damage

2. Business Interruption

3. Builders Risk

4. Construction

6. Boiler & Machinery

7. Flood Coverage

8. Earthquake

9. Offshore Liabilities for Exploration & Production


Our Substantial PropertyInsurance Markets  write Primary, Buffer, Middle, and Capacity Excess Layers of PROPERTY INSURANCE for approximately 95% of classes of property insurance, including:


A. Complex Property Occupancies, such as:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Electronics
  3. Steel Foundries
  4. Metal Working Industry
  5. Pulp & Paper Industry
  6. Other Specialized Process Industry
  7. Specialized Technical Industries
  8. Energy Related Industry


B. Construction Industry - Operational coverages for virtually all industry classes considered, including Major Products such as:

1.      Chemical Plants & Process Manufacturing

2.      Utilities and Power Generation Facilities

3.      Refineries

4.      Pipelines

5.      Hospitals

6.      Schools

7.      Financial Centers

8.      Airports

9.      Hospitality - Resorts, Hotels, Motels

10.  Waste Water Treatment Plants

11.  Desalinization Plants

12.  Railway Stations

13.  Underground Railways & Subways

14.  Rolling Railway Stock/Cars

15.  Rehabilitation Projects

16.  Power Stations - Oil, Gas, Nuclear

17.  Tunnels & Pipelines

18.  Motorways, Urban Interchanges

19.  Ports, Harbors, Jetties

20.  Mining Separation Processing Plants


C. General Property

1.      Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

2.      Retail Operations - Including Multi-Location Operations/Property

3.      Communications Companies

4.      Public Entities, Including Local City Centers, Municipalities

5.      Schools (Elementary through University)

6.      Hospitality Business/Industry, Including Resorts, Hotels, Motels.

7.      Corporation Property (Real Estate, Contents, Mobile, etc) Schedules

8.      Real Estate Schedules

9.      Healthcare Industry - Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc.

10.  Inland Marine

11.  Habitational Combined With Mixed-Use (Retail/Offices) Properties


D.  Process Industry

            1. Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly; Use of Computer Chips, Semi-conductors, and                       Electrical Equipment

            2. Steel, Aluminum, Basic Metals - Mills, Wholesalers, etc.

            3. Pulp & Paper Mills

            4. Paper Products Manufacturing, including Paper Cartons & Containers


E. Chemical Industry Property Risks, including:

1.      Industrial Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

2.       Industrial Gases

3.      Pharmaceuticals - Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers

4.      Paints, Lacquers, Enamels, & Varnish Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers

5.      Plastics & Resins

6.       Fertilizers - Both Nitrogenous & Phosperic types

7.      Synthetic Fibers & Cellulose Man-Made.

8.      Cement Plants

9.      Detergents, Soaps, Cosmetics, Fragrances

10.  Electrothermal and Photgraphic Chemicals

11.  Ethanol Related Industries

12.  Glass Products Manufacturing

13.  Sugar Refining


F. Oil and Petrochemicals

1.      Fuel and Fuel Oil Dealers

2.      Underground Storage Caverns

3.      Petroleum Bulk Products

4.      Petroleum Stations and Terminals

5.      Refining

6.      Petrochemical Plants

7.      Natural Gas and Product Pipelines

8.      LNG and LPG Peak Shaving Plants

9.      Lubricating Oil and Greases

10.  Lease Properties


G. Power Generation and Utilities (Including Small Privately Owned Plants to Fortune 500 Companies)

1.      Utilities - Electric, Gas, Water, Sewerage

2.      Hydroelectric Power Generation Plants

3.      Fossil Fueled Power Generation Plants

4.      Co-Generation Plants

5.      Merchant Power Plants


H. Exploration and Production

1.      Oilfield Equipment

2.      Land Rigs

3.      Pipelines

4.      Mobile Drilling Rigs

5.      Fixed Platforms

6.      Floating Production Storage Offloading Vessels

7.      Sub-Sea Production Systems


I. Mining

1.      Coal Mining and Processing

2.      Iron, Copper, Lead, and Zinc Ores

3.      Kaolin and Ball Clay

4.      Potash, Soda, and Borate Materials

5.      Other Non-Metallic Minerals and Processing


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